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Invitations are an important part of your wedding plans because they will let potential guests know about the time, place and details of the upcoming ceremony. There are a variety of wedding invitations to choose from and include styling from the most casual of wedding to the most formal affair. Before ordering invitations, all date, time and location plans should be finalized in order to avoid any problems.

An invitation should be welcoming and sincere. It should let the recipient know that you truly request their presence and how honored you will be if they are able to share in your special day. Always hand address your wedding invitations so that they are personable and non form-like. The recipient’s address should always be written by hand, but it is acceptable to have the return address either handwritten or printed. The return address should be located on the back flap of the envelope. The majority of printing companies offer self-adhesive seals to match the invitations, so be sure to inquire about those as well.

Along with the wedding invitations, many couples decide to send response cards. These cards, if returned, will give you an idea of who is and is not planning to attend the wedding. This will be helpful for a variety of reasons, including seating and catering orders. Along with the response card, a pre-addressed stamped envelope should be included for the guest’s convenience. The response card should be addressed to the person handling the wedding’s guest list, which may include a parent or other close family member.

There are a number of invitation printing companies that can be found online. These companies specialize in custom designed invitations and can make ordering a breeze. Local printers are often more convenient because you can view invitation styles in person, feel the paper weight and see a detailed list of lettering options.

When selecting a printer for your wedding invitations, always shop early. Printing takes time and, depending on the time of year, it may take several weeks or longer. Spring is the most popular time for weddings and, if that’s your goal, it’s best to get your order in early.

Traditional wedding invitations generally speak of the time, place and details only. A detailed, more personal invitation may include a brief poem or other sentiment conveyed from the bride and groom. The wording should always reflect the feelings of the couple and not be chosen simply because of tradition. Feel free to speak with your printing company about customizing your invitations so that both of you will be happy with the results.

When ordering invitations, have a detailed list so that you will know how many are required. Be sure to order a few extra just incase you need them, including one for your wedding memory book. Avoid the temptation to order more than you need just to get a bulk discount. If you have several dozen wedding invitations left over, they won’t do any good. You would be better off to save the extra money for a honeymoon souvenir and order only what you need.

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