When to Use an Electric Mixer

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(Level: Beginner)

If you have to tackle a job like patching a sidewalk or building a slab of foundation for your backyard shed, save yourself the money of having concrete delivered to your home and instead rent an electric mixer. However, if you need enough concrete for a larger project, rent a gas powered concrete mixer instead because they can hold more mix and can be moved easier to different locations.

When you are at the rental center make sure to ask to see how to start and operate this heavy-duty piece of material. Before getting too involved with other elements of the project, make sure to set the mixer up close to where you will need to pour the contcrete.


You will also need to have concrete finishing tools like a trowel, edger, float, and a level ready after you pour the concrete to smooth the wet mixture. The cleaner the mixer is when you start the easier it will be to pour your mixture out of the drum.

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