Plasticware vs. China

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The advantages really add up. The beauty of plasticware (such as the Caterer's Collection lines from Plastics Inc.) goes far beyond the surface. When compared to glass and china, using plasticware for catered events makes excellent sense as well. It's convenient, cost-effective, and so much more. That's probably why disposable dinnerware (available at most rental stores) is becoming the first choice for catered affairs across America.

Storage and Serving
Plasticware takes up a minimum of space in the kitchen and in serving areas. Most drinkware and dinnerware stack neatly on the serving table, usually in one-quarter of the space of bulky china and glassware. And when stored, plasticware pieces can be kept in their shipping boxes and stacked on shelves, or pre-placed in their serving format to save valuable time.

Transportation and Breakage
No more worries about chipping, cracking, or breaking on your way to an event. Shatter-resistant plasticware travels safely to any location without the need for wrapping or securing. It's also extremely lightweight, which makes for additional ease of transport.

Versatility and Ease of Use
Pieces come in a wide variety of colors, designs, shapes, and you can choose the one that sets the ideal mood for any event. Some rental stores can even imprint the pieces to personalize them for theme parties. Ordering the right amount is an "easy-math" equation with our consistent 10- or 20-count packages.

The low purchase prices of plastic dinnerware and beverageware is only the first way you'll save. When you use plasticware there are no dishes to wash, which minimizes staffing costs. Fewer buspeople are required because there are no dishes to pick-up...guests just toss them away.

Improperly sanitized permanent dishware and utensils are a primary source of foodborne disease. But what could be safer than plasticware that goes right form a sanitary storage container to the serving area?

Environmentally Sound
Chinaware requires dishwashing that uses up enormous quantities of water and creates gallons of chlorine and detergent-laden wastewater. Most plasticware products are recyclable or reusable, minimizing their impact on the ecology...and on the cost of your event. To be ecologically smart, be sure to set garbage receptacles out in pairs. One for food and other waste, the other recepticle (that's clearly labeled) for recyclable plasticware.

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