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A beautiful beverage fountain is a unique decoration that is also functional. At your next holiday party or special occasion rent a stainless steel fountain to adorn a tabletop and keep your guests going back for more. However, it is good to know how to maintain and properly use this fountain once you take it home and set it up for use. These easy-to-follow, fool-proof hints and instructions will help you with any problems that might arise.

After each use, put clean fresh water in a bowl (preferably warm) with one or two tablespoons of baking soda. Let run approximately one-half hour to dissolve any sugar residue. Empty solution, dismantle fountain by taking figurine tower off turning counter-clockwise. Remove nozzle tray and plastic cylinder. Rinse and wipe dry. If necessary to take screen off pump, remove stainless steel wing nuts, plastic ring and lift off. Clean and replace. Important: Do not run fountain dry and do not immerse base of fountain in water.

To chill a beverage, use chunks of ice in the bowl; ice cubes in a plastic bag, or several pieces of dry ice in the bowl. Pre-cool the beverage when possible. Slight overcooling of beverage is recommended.

Handy Hints

  • If fountain starts and the flow of liquid diminishes in a few seconds, check to see if plastic column flow holes are on the bottom; or if the impeller has become loose; or check wing nuts on pump head to see if they are secure.
  • If figurine tower is lopsided, rotate to leveling position.
  • If nozzles are not all flowing properly, raise plastic overflow tube in nozzle tray.
  • On bubbler models if beverage goes more than one inch higher than the bubbler, check to see if the orifice and flow coupling have been enlarged or are missing.
  • If splashing occurs around the figurine tower, check the chain tray to see of any chains are missing.
  • If decorations become dull, clean with soapy water and a small brush.
  • If a pulpy mixture is going to be used, it may be advisable to remove screen from top of pump head.
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